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Krossing Over Arts Festival 4th edition took place in Ho Chi Minh City in April 2023 from the 8th to the 15th. After three editions from 2017 to 2019, KOAF has become a biennial event. And following the success of our 2019 Festival, KOAF23 continued the endeavor to create a brand new art-viewing experience through the choice of atypical venues for performing arts, such as museums, libraries, schools, concept stores, etc. 

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Youth Cultural House 


Vin Gallery

Vườn Thảo Điền


The Lyricists

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Kim-Sanh Châu / Canada 

Chinh Ba / Việt Nam 

Đoàn Thanh Toàn / Việt Nam  

Loïc Guénin / Pháp 

La Zung / Việt Nam 

Le Mai Anh / Việt Nam 

Sunyoung Grace Lim / Hàn Quốc 

Sébastien Ly / Việt Nam  & Pháp 

Arabesque / Việt Nam 

The Lyricists / Việt Nam  

Robin Mahieux / Pháp 

Red / Việt Nam 

Kim / Việt Nam 

Sùng A Lùng / Việt Nam

Chi Nguyễn / Việt Nam

Trần Hoàng Yến / Việt Nam  

Minh Hiền / Việt Nam

Alexander Tú /  Mỹ 

Yohei Yama / Nhật Bản 

Dũng Trần Quốc / Việt Nam & Pháp

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Krossing Over Arts Festival (KOAF) is a platform for Vietnamese artists to explore international collaborations. Since its first edition in 2017, the crossroad is the core of the festival. Crossroad of practices: transdisciplinarity is key. 

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